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Beto Leisure has a great variety of inflatables for your entertainment. Have a look through our list below and see what takes your fancy. We can do special prices for multiple items - so do call us on 01609 770310 to discuss your needs. Remember all our products are erected and supervised by us and safety is our main priority so you can have fun without the worry. We can use our own generator or your own electrics. We will do an on site visit prior to your event where we will carry out a risk assessment. We carry public liabilty insurance, test certificates and PAT tests.

Boo Bounceasaurus

Big, bold, cerise pink dinosaur appeal. Safety entrance, 3 biff bash toys on bouncy bed, perfect for toddlers and small children, slide exit, full height rear wall. This is a really popular castle, once seen never forgotten.

Football Friends

Anyone who thinks they are too cool for castles think again. Challenge your mates to score by kicking a ball through the hole in the centre post, bounce till your wacked and you will still want more. This castle is known for getting teenagers off their phones and on their feet.

Jungle Party Indoor Castle

Only hires to indoor events, it can fit in anywhere the ceiling is eight feet tall or more, any less and the children can bounce and touch the ceiling or light fittings so please make sure the venue is suitable. This castle fits where many wont, and is our busiest castle in the winter months. Look at that elephant, its famous at children's parties.

Ocean Friends Slide

You have to be a toddler or small child to really understand how brilliant this slide is, so look at it through little persons eyes. It's high enough to be a mountain, challenging enough to be a climb, and angled enough to be a perfect slide down. As soon as they exit they are round to the other end to get back on again. Don't underestimate this junior slide, just be ready for the "just one more time please" requests at the end.

Fairy Friends Slide

Oh isn't it cute and pink and gorgeous? Pink does not have to be your favourite colour to love this slide, and you don't have to be a little princess to enjoy it, The tall walls at the top encourage children to have their secret meeting up there, you know the place where no adults are allowed.

Beto's Big Slide

Big enough to be an event slide, sensible enough to be at a private party, it's a favoured item for children and young teenagers. Children must be old enough to understand the importance of queuing to go on this one at events and we really do appreciate parents and carers support in this. At events we find it works best to have a junior slide as well as the big slide, to help entertain to different heights and abilities of children, and are always willing to do special deals on multi items.

Big Blue Megafun Castle

If ever there is such a thing as an adult castle this is it. It's a whopper of a castle, tough enough to stand up to adults, stunning enough to make you go 'wow', and subtle enough for family parties.

Disco Theme Superbounce Castle

Another big castle that is suitable for all ages, bouncy version of pump up the volume, don't just stand there at the edge, ditch the shoes and join in.

Carnival Activity Castle

All ages castle with toys on the bouncy bed, we are always being told this is the most impressive castle that has ever been seen. Its popular at weddings, and photographers get some fabulous action family pictures at these special occasions.

Pillow Bash Pole Boxing

Ever had a pillow playfight sat on a padded pole? That's just a practice, try pole boxing with oversize gloves, it's one of the funniest things you will see or do. Warn the neighbours there will be some noise at your party, its rowdy fun you don't want to miss.

Mygo Inflatable Rock and Roll Rodeo Bull

Mygo got its name at its very first hire. It's what children shout out. It's a safe children's ride on rodeo bull, that is moved from side to side by the watchers pulling and giving on the ropes tied to the bull. Beware of this bull, it's addictive. Can take a weight of up to about ten stone. This is not a mechanical rodeo bull, is for children, and can be hired for you to supervise yourselves, as can all of our equipment.

Sumo Wrestling Suits

Are you serious? Are you silly? Does it matter? Standing in opposite corners of the dojo mat, squat down ready to sumo, suited and helmets on and go. Get your opponent on the floor, whichever way you can. Best of three, winner stays in, it's all just fun, sometimes opponents need reminding of this. Exciting, noisy, adrenaline filled. Have some soft drinks handy this is thirsty work.

Suits available in adults size and junior size, have both sizes for double the fun.

Kangaroo Boxing

Get your feet on first, then the suits, hat and then the gloves. Don't laugh to much or else you cannot concentrate, or laugh a lot, laugh out loud and see if you can be as quick on your feet as a kangaroo. They have been known to cure stress, promote working relationships, and even been the centre of attention at the vicars tea party. Party at the barracks then these roos are just what you need.